Unavailable tracks in playlists

I have the same issue with songs stored in my Library QNAP NAS running Roon in the same box and still marking songs unavailable.

This looks like a bug that Roon should fix

Can you please post a screenshot showing that these are local tracks in your library, and not albums that have been added to your library from a streaming service (Tidal or Qobuz).

@Geoff_Coupe, I rebooted the QNAP (and consequently Roon) yesterday to see if that would fix the problem but instead seems like Roon decided to “remove” the 3 unavailable songs from the playlist.

What’s interesting is that when I searched for the individual songs Roon found them in both my library as an AAC (iTunes download) and also in Qobuz but the file in my library was the one that I originally added. I’ll re-add them to the playlist and see if I can reproduce the problem again.

Regardless, Roon should not mark those files unavailable nor “cleanup” my playlists at will and without notice. It should instead find the files whether they’re in my local library or Qobuz.

Aha - a Playlist! Then it’s possible that you added a Qobuz track directly to the Playlist, rather than a local file. If the Qobuz track subsequently becomes unavailable, then it can’t be played in the Playlist either.

These are just static pointers being added into a Playlist - they are not dynamic and being checked in realtime…

Hello @Luis_Salazar, it looks like you got some help here. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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