Unavailable tracks no matter how counted

There was a thread a while back where the user was having some issue with tracks being “unavailable”. I have the same problem.

ALL the tracks in my playlists are unavailable. The explanation at the time was there were newer tracks with MQA, so the track markers were different.

I do not subscribe to that explanation.

I cannot have 57,000 (yes, there are duplicates) all marked unavailable.

Can you play Tidal content not on playlists? And were playlists tracks in your library first and then added to the playlist?

Hello Daniel:

In Roon I can play individual tracks. But the playlists are all marked with “Unavailable” for every entry. And they will not play. So I can do it from the Track listings only.

If a playlist has 300 songs, each one is marked “Unavailable”. See attachment.

I can access the Tidal page and play songs from that. But that is outside of Roon…

In my car, I can access Tidal on my phone and play all tunes.

Open to any questions you may have.