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I’m starting to see a number of tracks being marked as unavailable, although they seem to be (mostly) available on Tidal.

The latest example is the True Blood soundtrack, volume 3, where almost all the tracks are unavailable on Roon. There are a few tracks unavailable on the Tidal app, but much fewer.



Hi @Gareth_Jolly — Thanks for reaching out!

So we can better investigate this for you, would you kindly confirm the region for your TIDAL account?

Would you also please share a screenshot of what you see in Roon and what you see in TIDAL?


Thanks for your assistance,

Am hoping this worked…

I’m in Australia.


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Hi @Gareth_Jolly,

I checked with the team and we looked into the data we are receiving about this album on our end. Of all of the versions of this album we have, only one is available in Australia and there are only a couple of tracks on that version with streaming rights. The rest are unavailable.

Unfortunately this doesn’t quite line up with what’s being presented in TIDAL’s app for you, but we are not able to stream these tracks based on the information we have from TIDAL.

We will continue to look into this further, but at the moment the availability of these tracks cannot be changed.

You have our apologies for the inconvenience here, Gareth!

Thanks, Dylan - much appreciated. Still a place for streaming off a hard drive! For some music anyway…

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