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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Toshiba laptop Windows 10 / CARY AUDIO DAC DMS-600 / Roon Version 1.6 (Build 416)

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Ubee cable modem with hardline Ethernet connection to the DAC

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TIDAL Streaming only

Description Of Issue

I notice certain tracks on albums are “unavailable”. For example, 7 out of 19 tracks are unavailable on the Norah Jones album, “Featuring Norah Jones” (which is a collection of duets). Why is so much content unavailable? And how do I listen to all the tracks on this album (without purchasing the CD or Vinyl)?


Hi Jim,

I checked this album and I see the same with Tidal and Qobuz. If you go to the Tidal app, you’ll see that the tracks aren’t available there as well. If you click on one of the tracks in the Tidal app it says that the record label doesn’t allow streaming of this track.

So yes, it appears you would have to buy the album, unless the label changes their policy for that album.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg. Thanks for looking into this. Yes, I now see that message on the TIDAL app. I guess labels don’t make as much money with streaming vs purchasing albums.


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