Unbelievable the workarounds required to fix the terrible metadata

Go to artist Jimi Hendrix. Scroll down to Tidal Albums. Unbelievably you will find something called “Slow Burn” which has nothing to do with Jimi Hendrix… [Moderated] … To vaporize this listing from ever offending my eyes again, here’s what I had to do:

  1. add to library
  2. edit album
  3. remove Hendrix as an artist on the album
  4. go back into edit album, album options, hide album

Here’s the thing Roon… the metadata library sucks. It’s not your fault, I get that… but you need to make it easier for people to fix these issues.

I should be able to click any version of any album from anywhere (Roon or Tidal) and with one click choose to never see it again anywhere regardless of any other settings. Basically trash it. This would fix so many of your “artist equivalence” issues so fast. I mean if I want the Don Rich that played with Buck Owens in my collection, what are the odds I will ever want to see the OTHER Don Rich, who nobody in the world has ever freaking heard of, anywhere in Roon? Yet their albums are listed together as if they were the same person. It’s excruciating - the reason this is hard to fix is because you’re trying to outsmart your users ala Microsoft Bob in 1995. Here’s a bulletin your users are smarter than you - maybe you should listen to them?

Thanks. I sincerely hope this is going to get better. Right now it is awful.

— lifetime subscriber