Uncertified Auralics Aries Mini?

Hi all together I thought the Auralics Aries Mini was now Roon Ready?
The setting is Uncertified!
Is he this now or not? I can play everything but just bother me now …
I just for that reason the mini and Roon for one year gönnt …
Ode is just because it is still a beta?
Greeting and thanks

@Rudolf_Kopmann If you have a firewall enabled this could be the cause…had this issue with PS Audio DS DAC too…turned off the firewall (Win 10 Pro 64) and then it all came good.

Good morning I times the firewall completely off but it does not seem to lie

Hi, any new comments on this. I just setup my Auralic Aries Mini, and I’m having the same warning…

It is uncertified because the mini is only roon ready using beta firmware.

Anyone knows the timeframe for going out of beta?

Auralic have a community blog where you post questions to CEO Xuanqian Wang of Auralic.

It may never go out of beta because of the questionable element of the MQA decode. I imagine there may be some activity in the background sorting the legality of this out. MQA wins and the beta goes away, Auralic prevails and it goes stable. I don’t know how Roon plays into this, do they view this as hostile use of their code or are they otherwise indifferent? Or are they simply making it clear they won’t support issues with uncertified products?

I don’t think it has anything to do with MQA, according to him, the development of beta 5.x is to move away all hardware settings to the browser interface so it can directly supported on new hardware instead of tweaking on LDS software.

He isn’t exactly impartial though is he. He could have done that without including Roon and MQA in the beta. :wink: