Uncertified devices, unable to check as away from server, am I OK?

I’ve been away from my Roon server for many months so am unable to check, and now I see this notice about uncertified devices and a Sept. 21 deadline. Well it’s going to be more months until I get back to the server, so I’m unclear… and I have to say don’t like this move to a more closed system generally. But whatever.

My endpoints:

Mac mini > USB > RME ADI-2 DAC - I understand that direct connections from a computer running Roon Server to all USB DACs are not an issue, correct?

Chromecast Audio and Apple Airplay devices - What is the status of these please? I looked on the certified devices list and don’t see either.

Sigh. Once again …

“Roon-Ready” is a designation which applies to Roon RAAT endpoints which are not running RoonBridge (Roon’s own endpoint software).


  • Not devices directly connected to Roon Core.
  • Not Airplay/Chromecast/… endpoints.
  • Not Raspberry Pi’s (or other SBCs or NUCs or …) running RoonBridge (under Roopieee, or Linux or …).

The only devices affected by this are Roon RAAT endpoints running someone else’s software implementation. And then only if their implementation has not passed Roon’s certification.

This is not difficult to understand…

Thank you for clarifying. I’ve been away from the forums for a while…