Unclear Subscription Cost: Need currency information [done]

I’ve just received my credit card statement and was shocked to see the advertised annual subscription of $119 skyrocket out to $170. The problem is, I live in New Zealand and didn’t realise the subscription cost was in US dollars.
I’ve looked again and still cannot see the USD flag anywhere but accept this as my dumb mistake. The mistake was easy to make though, Spotify, Google Play Music, TIDAL etc. show all there subscription fees in NZ dollars.

The really disappointing thing is that it took me ages to convince my wife that I NEEDED this service. After a smooth sales pitch she finally agreed, but when she sees the credit card, I’m in deep doo doo’s. That God I didn’t jump into the lifetime subscription.
Please, please, make it very clear on your site that the subs price is USD. It would be a great help to dummies like me.
This is not a complaint about the product, it’s good stuff really. I just won’t be able to enjoy it long.

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I’ll leave a flag for @Danny to follow up.

Here in euroland I was very happy it was dollars and not euros.
Tidal is €20 in Ireland (and Europe obviously) £20 in the UK and $20 in the USA and I totally dislike this kind of pricing.
(Thankfully the luck of the Irish came to my aid and by paying PayPal I was charged dollars!)


I’m in Australia and just knew it was in US$ But like most sites, if it does not say AUD then I always assume it’s USD
Wish is was in AUD that would make it soooooo much easier to go lifetime

One thing to do is get your wife on board with some of the features like radio stations from tune in.com etc and also getting all her digital music into the system as well…then she can get hooked on the ease of use and interface and buy into the next round of lic costs…its still only 0.50 NZD a day :sunglasses: from one k1w1 to another

like most US-AMERICAN sites
It seems that us-americans sometimes forget, that where is a whole world outside :slight_smile:


A nice one, I may add. :wink:

Yes I dislike that too, and wonder how the service provider justifies it. I noticed that Spotify seem to charge 9.99 of whatever the currency is in the particular country. 9.99 Turkish Lira is about 1/3 of the cost in UK Sterling.

I always wondered whether the catalogue of songs available differed from region to region.