Under Win10 Roon muting PC when playing other device [answered]

Hi. I’m running the trial, under Win10.64 with an i6700k and 32 Gig RAM. My library is small right now (approx. 5k tunes on a Promise NAS). My main playback device is an ethernet-connected Bluesound Node in another room. When playing music there, all sound on the PC is muted - I can’t hear videos or any system sounds. I’m running V1.3 B208 64-bit (not a new issue for this build; the prior one had the same thing). Below is a screenshot of the zones (where I’m current playing through the LR Node - the Node in my living room). I’m trying to play a Youtube video through what would be the System Output, and figuring there’s got to be a way to release it to PC use. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Use a Wasapi driver on the pc not the Asio.

Thanks. I just set up the ASIO as an experimental thing (I use it for musical equipment). I’m guessing you suggest that I delete the device … and that should restore the sound?

I just disabled the ASIO and the PC-based sounds were restored; thanks. Any idea how to close out the post?