Understanding bottlenecks for new Roon system

Hi Everyone,

Would really appreciate some advice.

I’m starting from scratch and would like to try and remove any bottlenecks, my plans below.

I will be using wired gigabit ethernet apart from Roon Control using the compute stick.

Intel (Skull Canyon) quad core (8GB RAM, 120GB SSD) running Linux Roon Core and Output to USB DAC
Intel dual core NUC (32GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 16TB Thunderbolt3 RAID10 (4 x 8TB 5400rpm)) running Linux NAS
Intel Core m3-6Y30 compute stick (4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC) running Windows 10 for Roon Control

I’m worried about my music being on 5400rpm disks with movies and stuff that could be accessed by other systems, Plex for instance, that might cause stuttering, will Roon Core buffer/cache music from the NAS to it’s SSD or should I try to have all my music on SSD?

Is 8GB RAM on Linux enough for Core and Output?

Should the m3 processor with 4GB RAM and eMMC storage be OK for Control?

Thanks for looking.


No problem. You have more computing power than probably 90% of the forum members.

I and other people run with music files on Synology and there’s no problem. Don’t know about multiple, concurrent streams. Probably be alright on a NAS unless you’re transcoding movies on there. It’s a file server after all. Having said that, many people wouldn’t sanction having music files on anything but SSD.

Most people believe the Roon library should be on SSD, but that depends on the size of your music collection. I’ve run from an i5 Mini, spinning a 5400 disk, with no problem. Although, I only have 350+ albums.

Have fun.

Just try and see how it goes. If you do run into buffering issues you can always change the HDD later. Audio doesn’t take much disk speed.

Unless you are streaming full quality BR/UHD, but then those drives may struggle there anyway.

I just moved my music library off of a Synology NAS onto a 5400 rpm USB drive connected directly to my NUC running ROCK. Prior to the move, I almost always had to wait for the first song to start. I am sure it had more to do with the settings on my NAS than anything with Roon but I am getting much better performance now.

Never had a problem like that with Synology. Maybe it’s the combination of ROCK/Synology NAS? Dunno.

Skipping the network part will always be faster.

That RAID config should also be twice as fast as a single regular 5400rpm drive.