Understanding compositions in the data

One of the advantages using roon is to have all information and appropriate links for an album/artist/composer based on its metadata model. However, I have a problem or maybe a misunderstanding the compositions and the behavior when being used/displayed.

I have an album by the Band 18 Karat Gold. There were no metadata available , so I added the appropriate data to the album and tracks.

In the track editor I added the first composer name (Lothar Meid) to the tracks.

As a result I had the composer showing up properly.

As a next step I added all additional composers correctly to the compositions of each track. Showing one example here.

All added names showed up properly in the track editor.

However, in the album view, there was still only Lothar Meid left. Although the composers show up properly in the credits section


Once I added the composers also to the tracks in the album or track view, all shows up as expected.

My understanding is that a track is a composition, so once I add the composers properly, it should be spliced into the remaining views of the track/album, or is this assumption wrong?

Can one please explain the disconnect between composition-edit and track edit?


Ralf, I have spent a year trying to make programmatic sense of this portion of Roon’s code.

Every time I think I understand how it works, Roon will confound me again with a confusing or bizarre presentation. It is the blackest of the black box apps I have encountered.

I can tell you this. Roon saves all your edits, and these too will collectively impact upon what you see.

I shifted to editing actual file tags on a third party tagger. While this approach has its own drawbacks, I am much closer to being able to predict the effect of a particular tag edit. A much more transparent approach.

For cosmetic fixes, Roon edits are fine. But for the purposes you describe, I advise actually editing the tags.

Hi John, thanks for your answer. Ok, I thought I understood the mechanism, but, you are right, it is very confusing how it works in reality.

I gave it a quick try on musicbrainz to edit something there, but, that site is not very intuitive and easy to manage mass-edits (several authors or similar). Also it is unclear by when the information would flow back - if at all.

I understand that part of the problem is the fact that there are multiple tracks with same title, but different - let’s call it - ownership (author). In addition, having similar/same name for the composer makes it even more difficult.

Editing the files directly with a tag editor is way too time-consuming for me (unless for new additions), so, I might leave it as is and only try to correct the most obvious stuff. However, my fear is, that roon might overwrite edits instead of giving an edit the highest priority.

If you add stuff at musicbrainz which is not yet integrated in Roon’s dataset / new for Roon (new release groups or new releases in musicbrainz speak) it usually takes about 48 hours until it shows up in Roon. For changes / updates I’m not sure

  • if things would get picked up at all (if the metadata originates from musicbrainz, probably yes) and
  • how long it takes.