Understanding RAAT and grouping

Right, so I’m aware that different device types are grouped according to their tech - Airplay, RAAT etc.

What I’m trying to understand is how RAAT works a little more and also how it’s allocated.
So firstly, do Roon Tested AND Roon Ready devices both group as one type, or are Roon Ready devices the only ones accepted as RAAT and therefore only these will appear in the group?
Further, is it ever possible for a newly released device to not be authorised as Roon Ready or Roon Tested, but simply by conforming to certain minimum specs or something, could a device (DAC/endpoint/streamer) theoretically show up in the RAAT group simply because it satisfies a minimum standard of hardware/software protocols?

I’m bumping this question, as I’m interested in the answer to this as well. For example, is it possible to group 3 ‘Roon Ready’ Bluesound Node2i’s with something like a ‘Roon Tested’ Linn Akurate DSM for simultaneous playback?

You can only link same protocols in a group. Roon tested is not RAAT which the BlueSound are, RAAT is designated Roon Ready.

Hi @Peter_Gallagher,

Check out the Roon Knowledge Base Zone_Grouping page for additional information.