Understanding server client implimentation

I am currently using HQ player and I enjoy the capabilities it grants. I am having a bit of an issue conceptualizing the operation so I am hoping to get clarification.

Currently, I have Roon server feeding music to local endpoints. each endpoint is then running an instance of HQplayer locally and doing its thing feeding output to a local DAC. NUC’s everywhere.

It is my belief, which is what usually gets me into trouble, that I can take the audio stream, convert as I wish and send THAT over the network. Doing so should allow me to process in another room and let it be loud if need be(put in garage even) then stream.
As stands I’m learning what filters cause my fans to kick in.

I’d like to believe I’m somewhat tech savvy, but I am unsure which input/output options get me where I need to be.

Thanks in advance.

You would add NAA (Network Audio Adapter) to the picture and place processing computer somewhere else.

Then audio route over network is Roon → HQPlayer → NAA.

Then I guess the question becomes, how do I convert a NUC to act as a NAA? I had assumed running HQPlayer would.

You can boot the NAA OS image from a USB memory stick for example. Or if your NUC has SDcard/microSD slot, from an SD card.

You can find all NAA downloads from Network Audio Daemon download link on my web site.

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I failed to see the different client application.
I am sorted now.
Thank you.