Understanding the Backup

Just getting my head around understanding this so please correct me if I’m wrong.

It seems there are three distinct parts to Roon-

  1. The operating system in the core
  2. The Roon file which contains edited data on the music files
  3. The music files on an HDD,

These interact to give appropriate screen graphics and control.

So disaster can lurk in one of two ways -

  1. If the whole program crashes this means 1.3 must be re-installed and the Roon backup file reinstated so all edited data is brought back up to date.
  2. If the HDD with music files on board crashes, then a replacement set of files from a back up of that HDD will be needed and the music files will have to be loaded up and scrutinised by Roon.

So the backup procedure should be -

  1. A frequent BU of Roon with Roon off (not a long procedure and best on an external device not regularly connected to the PC (avoids corruption from the PC or any unfortunate virus encounter).
  2. Have a BU of the music files on another HDD. This will need to be re-done periodically as files are deleted from the normal Room music HDD - and that can be a long job for a big collection although can be going on in the background without affecting Roon operation.

In the music files BU USB3 is pretty essential but eSata is 20% or so faster. USB2 would be pretty hopeless.

The Roon backup options will back up the Roon database and system settings. It does not backup the whole of Roon. Recovery in that case would be to re-install a new copy of Roon and then recover the backup. During an automated Roon backup, the backup process will close out any activity such as music playing while the backup is going.

Roon does not backup your music files and you should have a plan in place to back them up.