Undervolting Laptops

Does anyone out there have any experience under-volting a laptop for cooler performance?

Hi @Max_Molenaar, and welcome to the Roon forum. I do have some experience. Undervolting is overvolting/clockings’ more considerate sibling. While you’re not likely to damage anything, coming up with a stable undervolt is quite trial and error.

The issue is, it gets warm when it’s working hard, this is also when more power’s required. If the power’s not there, it can’t get as hot, but it might also crash/freeze if a peak draw can’t be satisfied.

A final complication, laptops are usually a bit more limited in BIOS options for tweakable overclocking parameters. Fine control is the marketplace for higher end full size motherboards.

If you can say a bit more about the model and what you’re looking to achieve?


If you do that with Roon, you are increasing the chance of corrupting its database, let alone instability.

Unless you are mining cryptocurrency, this should not be considered at all.

If you’re running Windows, check the power settings.

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Thanks, that is what I did, I set it for power saver. Roon still runs good, and the fan comes on a lot less

Thanks Carl
I have a Dell inspiron, I7
Like you said the undervolting was tricky to stabilize.
In the meantime I am playing around with the power settings.
I will probably end up getting a nuc or a fanless laptop dedicated to Roon. Sadly a nucleus is not available here in Israel