Undervolting Windows Core

I have also found DSD512 is troubling on my HP Z2 mini win10 PC with Intel i7-7700 + desktop chipset, 32GB RAM.

Yet I have found upsampling to DSD 512 is essential for my SQ as well as No paralleled core DSPs. Now evolution has started.

1.) at first it dropped after 30 seconds of music playback
2.) I did turn off unnecessary running programs and disable Eset Antivirus, got to 1 min 30s
3.) have applied Fidelizer free - brought me from 2 minutes for “minimalistic” to 3 minutes with “purist” option there.

Already has bought Fidelizer Pro, and considering upgrade of PC processor with better&higher clock capabilities.

actually those were my first 24 hours with Roon serving to Hugo TT2 .
SQ on Mac with DSD 256 output to Hugo TT2 is awesome, windows DSD512 upsampling is dream on :slight_smile:

Roon v1.7 build 610 stable 64-bit

You should install throttlestop and see what you can get out of it.

I can help you with that if you want.

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Interesting. I assume it is usable also for desktop processors. Some kind of overclocking without OC :slight_smile: give look at it. Thank you for hint for now

Its just easy way to check that you have set it right.

edit. Yes it is usable for desktop to. So dont mind my “Its not”

First you want to check that you disable speedstep and your speedsift is 0.

My laptop doesnt even get hot while its running 75" 4k and everything else same time.

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And I think nucleus is kind a same as laptop. There is lot of things that u can do with undervolting.

Thank you @Koffi with undervolting and all programs running I am able to listen to upsampled DSD512 via Roon :slight_smile:

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You want to set offset for prochot at options. Set it to 0 and lock it. And watch that it doesnt go over 100c. Intel says that 100c is ok.

Ok will try it. Update: Locked to value 0. Got 3 minutes of playback. Already at 43W from 65W TDP mostly from 2 threads :wink:

Send me pm and I will help you lower the heat.

Go to regedit and change that start to 1. Boot and disable HT. You dont need it ever with music. If somebody can prove me wrong I send you whiskey bottley.

A word of caution. Intel rate the CPU as safe at that temperature but that’s not the same thing as declaring it a good idea. It will depend on the enclosure. Laptop bodies aren’t the best, there’s little space inside and cooling is tricky. I’d not worry about reducing the overall lifetime of the CPU as it’s usually an academic point, most are thrown away first. The following issues might be of concern:

  • case life, plastic parts don’t like high temps, high stress area may be prone to premature cracking and breaking, including any plastic screw threads;
  • internal cooling lifetime, expect to have to change hard working fans earlier than normal, this can affect hardware in what would be considered it’s expected lifetime. It’s fine if you’re comfortable monitoring and replacing yourself; and
  • it’s close to thermal throttling time which starts to defeat the object of pushing so hard.

While gaming laptops have made overclocking laptops a thing they’re never the tool of choice for serious overclockers. I’m not saying don’t do it, just be aware that there are risks beyond stated CPU limits.

You don’t want to join these sorry folk either :wink: . Worse still (crypto miners hijacking a machine could do this, I’m NOT saying I’ve checked the veracity here):

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You’re right. Thats why I ask him to pm so I can help him to fix that. But we are not overclocking anything, we are undervolting.

edit Its not taking lifetime away. Its 100% fact intel runs them 100c when we test them. Im working for them, I have L1-2-3 certificate to Intel wafer machines. Even I have drink to much whiskey few days. :smiley: So we make the process and machiness to do that and they buy it.

Im just trying to say its not roon or hqplayers fault that there is some problems. My laptop can run 24/7/365 100% and I doesnt go over this. Its just idiot manufacturers who is making the problems. If somebody want to let me check 15min with teamviewer I promise to fix that if its possible.

I understand the difference, you undervolt to reduce power usage and temperature. I mentioned overclocking as that’s the traditional realm of pushing gear to it’s thermal limits. The points about temperatures apply regardless of how the situation arose. My post is as much a caution to future readers as yourself.

I have to take back little bit of my words. HT is working with some filters very good.

I think I fixed the problems for Rudolf_Las.

Yeah Eric, you did and I like my pc playing Roon :wink:

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