Undesirable and inconvenient changes to playlist search in 1.8.1105

Apparently playlist search has become a set of characters search instead of a string search, e.g.:

Is this really what the designers want? Is it what users want? Not this user.

Have you rebooted everything as your system may be in an unknown state
Works fine here


Rebooting makes no difference and your example doesn’t address the problem. It’s not a question of no results, but of invalid results.

After a bit more experimenting, it’s not completely clear to me what Roon is doing. It’s not quite as simple as “set of chars” vs. “string”. What is clear to me is that of the ‘20220319’, ‘20220419’, … ‘20220829’ results returned by the search I posted above, none contains the ‘202209’ search string.

Thanks for the additional examples, even stranger than mine.