Undiscovered - find music you don't already have/own

Right now Roon it just tells you about your collection. It helps you discover and “find the hidden gems”. This part is amazing.

But I’m also hoping it helps discover what’s not in your collection. Have an undiscovered tab where it tells you about all the new and upcoming albums, Can alert you when album shows up from an artist already in your collection. Recommend new and classic albums based on your collection. Show key albums from favorite artists missing from your collection. That so of thing. I want Roon to be like the record store employee who help find the most amazing album I didn’t already own.

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There has already been suggestions to show the rest of albums by an artist, like a discography section. I agree there can be so much more. There is a vocal group though that feel that is close to being advertising.

I concur. I use allmusic.com for this purpose now (same Rovi metadata used by Roon). I would also like this to be collapsable (and collapsed by default) with the +/- like “Top Tracks” under an artist’s page. Not showing this by default should alleviate the “advertising” or “obsessive completist” concerns (I’m in the latter camp).

The issue with albums showing up under the Tidal section, but then as “Not Available” when you actually try and play them would need to be addressed.

So would making it an optional section please those who thinks it’s advertising. I would say as long as you don’t have links to lets say Amazon, telling you where to can buy the album, would be fine. It up to you whether to go by the album or subscribe to Tidal.

And for those subscribing to Tidal, it would be a great way to quickly add to your collection. Right now the only new discovery is through the similar, followed, influenced section. And a love that part. But would also like to see this in an Undiscovered section: Since you have this album or artist, you made also like this. Here’s recommended new and upcoming releases. Notify me when album available.

So basically I want to rediscover the music I already have but also discover all the great one I don’t have.

I like innovative thinking but IMHO the app should not wipe one’s a***. There is something about picking up Mojo, Q, Rolling Stone (insert your choice of mag or website) and doing some research.
I don’t think Roon should automate the whole process of discovery and replace engaging with other forms of music info.

Just wanted to throw in an alt. p.o.v.

last.fm, with which Roon is already integrated, provides some of these services…

I understand using outside services but the same can be said for what Roon already does. I can plug my own artist into last.fm and allmusic and find the links I don’t know were there. But by having it integrated, it creates something new.

And maybe on the simplest level I’d like the current discovery feature to have an option to also select Tidal albums not already in my library. Think of it as tighter integration.

I agree and know that the Roon guys are looking at improvements all the time.
I think my comment also applies to quite a few Feature requests where users want the app to do everything (not just new music discovery). Users still should do some of the leg work with file maintenance, tags, file conversions etc.

There are some things that Roon is going to do that no other app does. I’d rather see those things than stuff that can be achieved by other means.


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Integration of ‘influenced by’ and ‘similar to’ as some on allmusic.com would be very useful without ‘advertising’ … and could even help you make connection within your own collection you might’ve missed.

I would also vote to at least see the rest of the output of the artist (i.e. albums etc that I don’t own myself).