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My library includes 2 albums with Winona Zelenka’s Bach Cello Suites (Marquis Label 24-96). One album has Suites 1,3&5 and the other 2,4&6. After merging these two albums, I find that there are now two tracks 1-1, two tracks 1-2 etc.
Please advise how the albums can be un-merged or alternatively renumber tracks to include a Disc 2.

I have two other sets of Cello Suites and both these have tracks grouped into Works. Before the albums were merged, there was no Works grouping.

  1. Go to the merged album
  2. Click the edit pencil. It’s on the right hand side at the bottom of the blurred background artwork
  3. Select “Fix Track Grouping”
  4. In the right hand column, select the tracks that you want to un-merge from the album, then click the “<” button to move them out of the album.
  5. Click the “Create Album” button to define an album with the remaining tracks in the right-hand column

Thanks Brian,
I now have two albums but they have the same Roon album title. Roon could not re-identify the album with the incorrect title.

Title: Six Cello Suites 1,3 & 5 Contents: Suites 1, 3 & 5
Title: Six Cello Suites 1,3 & 5 Contents: Suites 2, 4 & 6

Tracks are shown as duplicates even though they are different lengths.
Can the title be editted?

Roon does not support editing in-app at the moment.

You can certainly edit titles using your favorite tag editing software. Roon should pick up the changes and reflect them automatically.

You can also use the “Identify Album” functionality to guide Roon through the process of identifying the album, assuming that it exists in our databases.

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