Unexpected behaviour with filters and albums with multiple versions

I have created a filter to show all the albums I have in hi-res quality (24 bit). However I have discovered that not all the hi-res albums are displayed when the filter is active.

Usually when I have a hi-res album I often have the same album in CD quality, and therefore the albums are setup as separate versions in Roon. If the CD quality version is set as the master then the album is not displayed when I the hi-res filter is active. However, if I change the hi-res version to be the master then the album is shown.

What I would expect is if any version of an album meets the current filter then the albums should be shown.

Another album display related bug. Moving to support.

AFAIK, that is expected behavior unless you enable the display of hidden tracks and albums - because other versions than the primary one are hidden. See also:

I suspect that it may be working as intended but I don’t think that the behavior is correct.

You hiding of duplicate versions makes sense when your scrolling through a large collection as you really only need to see one of them. If you have an active filter the same should apply, assuming that at least one of the versions meets the filter criteria.

Fully agree with you.