Unexpected error communicating with audio device after updating to B610

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win10 Roon 1.7 build 610

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

WiFi everything, wired is not an option

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Oppo UDP205, Sony TVs (as Chromecast), Apple TV4K

Description Of Issue

Roon will not play music to any device, either local content or Tidal. Best case,it plays a few seconds and then crashes. Now it has given up and says unexpected error communicating with audio device on the Oppo.

It does not find/recognize the Chromecast devices at all.

Additionally, all DSP settings and convolution filters are gone.

Hi @Troy_Gorrell,

What trouble shooting steps have you tried?

Hi @Troy_Gorrell,

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting the Core machine?

Just to clarify, this happened after using the sleep timer? With which device did you use the timer?

Of course I have progressed beyond IT playbook page 1. The core has been restarted at least 10 times, and everything else has been shut down and restarted also.

I have tried clearing the cache and adding 100 ms group delay to the Oppo.

I have never used the sleep timer. I noticed the icon at the same time I noticed all the DSP settings were gone.

If you have never used sleep timer, what makes you think your issues are caused by sleep timer? Providing some steps on how you reproduce this would be very helpful in this case.

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Sorry for the confusion, I meant the issue started after making the update which added the sleep timer.

The issue is very easy to reproduce, literally hit play on any track

Thanks for the clarification, I’ve updated the topic’s title to reflect.

Any recommendations on troubleshooting?

Hi again @Troy_Gorrell,

You’ve confirmed what I would have done, I’d recommend ditching the WiFi (at least on the Roon Core itself), but you say that’s not an option for you, sorry nothing more I can add … over to @support they might spot something in the Roon log files.

As a test try switching off the firewall on the Window PC (sometimes a system update can mess up the exception rules).

Disabled firewall and it’s exactly the same.

Plays a few seconds, and then it quits.

Hi @Troy_Gorrell,

Can you try to start playback to “System Output” zone (PC’s internal speakers) and let us know if that zone works as expected?

I don’t Have speakers attached to my core, but if I enable that output, it appears to play smoothly (looking at the timer on the screen)

Hi @Troy_Gorrell,

Thanks for confirming the issue only occurs on the Oppo.
I know you have mentioned a reboot already, but have you done a full power reboot on the Oppo?

Power off → Wait until off → Unplug power cable → Wait 30s → Plug back in.
Sometimes full power reboots help clear up issues.

If the reboot does not help, please provide more network details.

I did the reset, and it’s better, but still basically the same - won’t play through an entire track.

My core is showing full signal strength, but when I run an internet speed test, I get very low results, even compared to holding my iPad right next to the computer, so it looks like there is something going on with the WiFi inside my core computer.

Hi @Troy_Gorrell,

Were you able to get to the bottom of the WiFi speed issue? We suggest that you have an Ethernet connection whenever possible, our Networking Best Practices Guide also provides some great suggestions.

What would the networking have to do with the disappearing DSP settings?

Hi @Troy_Gorrell,

If your Core is loosing connection to Ethernet/WiFi connected endpoints, then it is very possible that the WiFi is playing a factor here.

Have you tried temporarily plugging in the Core via Ethernet yet? I would also update your WiFi driver in case there’s been improvements there.

Yes, I got tired of no music and dragged an Ethernet cable across the door openings and floor as a great tripping hazard.

It is now working and the DSP is back, but there is no way this will work as a permanent solution - I’ll have to figure out another way (already tried powerline Ethernet, and it doesn’t work since the router and core are on different circuits)

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Hi @Troy_Gorrell,

Since the issue is not present with the Ethernet connection, it is most likely a WiFi issue as suspected.
I would look into a mesh-style network setup (Orbi/Eero/Nest to mention a few) and have the mesh beacon connected via Ethernet.

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