Unexpected Error Limiting Roon Radio to Library (2020-12-21)

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Unexpected Error Limiting Roon Radio to Library.

Happening again.

Hi @Outlaw — We had a brief outage yesterday that has since been resolved. Can you confirm that things are working for you now? Thanks!

Had similar problems a few days ago, logged out and in on my Tidal account and love, peace and harmony restored.

Had the same error today

Apparently the outage is not resolved, or another outage has occurred, because I’m now getting the same error.

New nucleus+ user here and disappointed to see it just spinning trying to load radio. Whole system crawls to a halt while it’s trying to load, then fails with the error mentioned above.

Roon Radio limited to local library here as well. :frowning:

Hey everyone, sorry for the trouble! The engineering team is looking into this outage and we’ll update everyone as soon as we can. You have our apologies for the disruption.

Having the same error. Logging out of Tidal and re-logging in like @KMM suggested works for me.

Hi everyone,

Things should be up and running now. Apologies again for the disruption!

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Thank you. Have a good Holiday.

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