Unexpected error: limiting Roon radio to library only

Core Machine:
Mac mini M1, MacOS.

Network Details:
LAN cable to router.

Audio Devices:
NAD M50.2
Remote App: Roon App on iOS.

Description of Issue:
Whenever starting “Play now” on an artist I receive the “Unexpected error: limiting Roon Radio to library.” and it’s been going on for the past few days. Tried restarting core on Mac mini and removing connection to Qobuz and reconnecting, but none of that helped.

Hey @Mohammed_Al-Faisal,

Welcome to the Roon community :wave: 19 days late:pleading_face:

I’m so sorry for the extreme delay in getting back to you. I had hoped it was going to be much sooner.

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Generally, this error appears when the connection to the streaming service is interrupted one way or another - it generally overlaps with the servers being affected. I was wondering, is this something you’re still experiencing? If so, would you please let us know? We’d love to help :nerd_face: