Unexpected library scan

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Mac Mini (End 212) 10.12.6 Sierra, SSD Drive
GB Ethernet Connection / Netgear Switches
Synology 1513 with the flac/m4a storage
Ropiee Output device

Roon latest version 1.8 (but the issue happened also with earlier versions)

From time to time, not regularly, when I want to listen to music I find that roon has not all music available. I see the scan icon spinning and a screen like the one attached is displayed. After some hours the scan is ending and everything seems to be fine (lots of composition merges might be gone, but no music is lost).

Any ideas what might cause this?

HI @Ralf_Karpa

The next time that Roon is in this state can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage? Thanks!

On the server, right (just to be sure)?

So, today it happened again…

Here’s the screenshot of my storage setup

I was listening to an album then it got interrupted and the album was not available anymore.

This is a screenshot of a “tail -f RoonServer.log” while it was running:

And here’s a link to the logfile since today’s start.

Anyone from support looking into this??? Any interest from roon support?

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