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Morning all.

So, I’m tagging Wagner’s Rheingold (as you do) & I’m getting an unwanted “act” tag:

Here’s what Roon is showing me:

And here’s what’s in my tagging software:

There is no “act” tag (& Rheingold is a single act work with 4 scenes).

Any idea why I’m seeing it & how I get rid of it? I have already gone in & asked it to used local multi-part settings.



Does it help to remove the semicolon?

Well, that’s definitely a type, so good spot. Sadly, it doesn’t fix it. I’m trying to get rid of the “Act” tag, which is not present in my tags.

Not sure if this will help but when my multi-part tagging looks like this:

I get this:

When I set my multi-part tagging to this:

I get this:

Roon seems determined to use the act tag, even though I’ve told it to prefer my tags, which don’t include the act tag.

That there is a “prefer Roon” setting means that the album is identified by Roon.

“Prefer” is not the same as “use my tags exclusively”. It means that if a tag exists in both sources (Roon and file tags), use the one I prefer. If a tag exists in one source only (like possibly the Act tag in Roon only) then it gets used - nothing to prefer here as it is missing in the other source.

See also the hint about Performance/composition munging in Metadata Model:

Maybe you can get what you want for how the album tracks are displayed by making the album unidentifed in Roon but this may yield other, possibly unwanted, results (like for example: the performance becomes unrecognized [not listed under performances for that composition]).

Well firstly, very interesting article so thanks for that.

I’m not sure how I make the album unidentified. I can see a button to send Roon off looking but not one to make it chill & grab a beer while I sort my music out.

On a completely different tack, Rheingold doesn’t have acts, it’s split into 4 scenes, so if that simple fact was sorted in Roon’s database, we probably wouldn’t be having the conversation. :slight_smile:

Then use that button, keep telling Roon that “None of these look right” and you will end-up with a now unidentified album.

Agreed that it doesn’t have more than one act but the display of “Act 1” is just explicitly stating that. It’s not a false information, it just looks odd in some peoples eyes.
To provide another thought path: As Das Rheingold is part of the Der Ring des Nibelungen cycle of works and those other works do have acts, someone might have added the “Act 1” tag just for the sake of consistency among the different works of the complete cycle.

I agree with you and I do add an Act 1 to operas that are only one act.

Check your metadata for [Section] I believe the Act split comes from there.

If missing , add a new Tag [Section] and make it Scene 1 , 2 etc then force the change as @BlackJack suggested

This was a new feature in 1.8 and depends on the metadata provider accuracy

Thanks all.

The Ring Cycle is a festival play with three operas & a prelude evening, Das Rheingold. Granted it’s as long as most normal operas, but this is Wagner we’re talking about. It doesn’t have acts, plain & simple. Act I will not be found on any release in any format. It is not a one act opera, it is a prelude.

Sorry for sounding like “that guy”. I’m nice really. :smiley:

Thanks Blackjack, for the unidentifying technique.

Thanks, Mike_O_Neill, that sounds well advanced for a novice like me, but I’ll read it ten times & see if I can make it work. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, unidentifying it it worked a treat.

Thanks, all! :smiley:

Is there a place in Roon to check my metadata or add tags, because I currently use an app called Tag Editor by Amvidia & there isn’t a section tag or a way to add one.

Alternatively, is there better tagging software that I can use (on a Mac)?

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