Unexpected Search Result

While the rest of this search’s results are reasonable, this top result isn’t a particularly good one. Another tweak desirable.

Alternative spellings such as Rachmaninoff work better, so it may have something to do with roon equivalencing.

Bizarely, typos work better as well. For example Rachmaninoc or Rachmaninob. I only noticed this because ‘c’ and ‘b’ are next to ‘v’ on a qwerty keyboard and without my glasses I often do this.

Tony, you are right about alternate spellings in one sense; here is the top result for the “two f” Rachmaninoff:

I suggest that it is bad form for Roon to require or expect a user to experiment with alternate spellings, particularly when the user has entered the canonically correct spelling (a la AllMusic)

Thanks for the feedback, @John_V! I’ve sent this over to our team in charge of search results to investigate what we can improve here.