Ungroup albums that shouldn't be grouped together | Profound Mysteries by Röyksopp)

I missed that with all the other posts and you op is about grouping. I see your one on discography now. But you also say you can’t search for it ? Yet I have no issues here at all.

It doesn’t show up when using “profound”, but does show up when using “profound mysteries”. There’s another long thread about searching where this specific behaviour could be filed under, I guess.

My first post and screenshot show “in this group”, that set me off on the wrong foot.

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Search is all kinds of broken for incomplete naming, worse than it’s ever been yet supposedly improved we shall see.

Looking at musicbrainz they are all under the same release group but it’s classed as an ep + remixes where in Qobuz and Tidal it’s an album. I wonder if this is causing some of the issues. Roon can’t control the metadata from streaming services unfortunately.

Looking at this in Qobuz the main album is shown under the albums and the remix isn’t it’s only under eps. So something Roons end is mixing this up. I can get it to show it as an ep now as I edited the album type to be extentedplay but still only see the remix under discography albums even though in Roon it’s now an EP and it also shows up under the EP section of Discography so is essentially shown twice. @joel happy new year be good to get some eyes on this as to why Roon is treating it this way. Where does Roon get album discography from as in MusicBrainz it’s all correct.

@Dennis_Mutsaers Thank you so much for posting this, I seem to be having the same issue.

But first please allow me to confirm if we are having the same issue:

  1. Roon “categorizes” similar (but different) albums into alternate versions, eg. Remixes.
  2. These albums are NOT grouped (because “Group All” function is still available)
  3. As a result, the “alternate” versions don’t show up on Discography or Search.
  4. It is really annoying (maybe it’s just me).
  5. Manually grouping and upgrouping them makes no difference, in the end, only one version is shown, when they should be listed as separate albums.

Could you confirm if what I describe above match what you are seeing? I like this might be a Roon bug.


Yes to all :wink:

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Is there a way to alert or flag Roon team?

I am so so so sick of Roon “lumping together” different albums into “Version” tab.

This makes finding albums in the Discography an extremely frustrating experience.

I would have to open each album and look inside the Versions tab to see if there is a “hidden” album because of this illogical “lumping” or “categorizing.” [for those just joining this thread, we are not referring to “Grouping”]

There’s got to be a way to UN-LUMP or UN-UNCATEGORIZE albums as a result of totally illogical Roon behavior, but I have tried every way I can think of, including editing the metadata, the albums that SHOULD NOT be “lumped together” will not be listed as separate albums… it remains so so so frustrating.

@Dennis_Mutsaers have you discovered any workaround in the meantime, while Roon Team is MIA?

Hello @RoonFan ,

Sadly, no. I haven’t found a workaround. And @metadata_support doesn’t want to shed a light on this, it seems.

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@Dennis_Mutsaers I am going to keep posting and keep this thread alive (30 days after last repkly), or until Roon Team responds.

It’s simply unacceptable to have this behavior by default without a way to override it.

If possible, I wonder if you can change the topic to the following, so other users or Roon support may not mistakenly think this is related to Grouping function? Some words come to mind:

  • Un-link
    • Un-bundle
    • Un-cluster

So something like “BREAK UP albums that shouldn’t be linked together in VERSIONS” would be more precise?

I’m unable to edit the first post/topic.

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Another reminder for Roon Team to breakup these incorrectly linked (not grouped) albums.

Apologies for the silence. This situation typically occurs when TiVo assigns a remix version to the main album, but doesn’t actually indicate it to us. On request from us, they’ve moved the remix release into its own album.

These albums are now separated on our metadata servers. If you’ve added one or both of these albums to your library, please allow up to a week for the updated metadata to be pulled in.


Is this behaviour something that can be changed by the Roon developers / database? It didn’t come to my mind that TiVo could be the cause of these issues.

@joel thank you for your response and actions to correct this issue.

I have started to see some of my albums getting de-linked and listed as separate albums correctly! :ok_hand:

It’s a massive positive change so far! Thank you again.


I think this is the same issue. There are 3 different versions, with different tracks. Two of them are linked (not grouped).

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