Ungroup Zone Logic Tweak

In the Zone Grouping modal window, it would be great if each zone still had a checkbox so you could specifically choose which zones you no longer want music playing in. This feature existed in previous Roon versions but seems to have been removed with the addition of the Zones right-side vertical blade UI.

Scenario: you start music in the ‘living room’ zone, then add the ‘office’ zone into a group, and after some time decide you want the same music to continue playing but only in the office.

With the latest Roon version, the ‘Zone Grouping’ window won’t let me simply uncheck the living room zone. Instead, I have to ungroup (leaving music in LR) and then transfer to the office zone.


I welcome most of the new UI changes which as usual are elegant and thoroughly thought out. But I agree that the new zones/grouping arrangement is more work. I group and ungroup zones many times a day and it’s clearly worse (slower, less logical) than before for me.

I think this needs looking at again.

Additionally, a preset for my grouped zones (they’re always the same two) would be hugely helpful and elegant - as already requested elsewhere - in addition to (not instead of) making grouping and ungrouping easier and more logical.