Unhappy with actual release... How do I cancel my subscription?

As I am not happy with the actual 1.8 release and there seems to be no possibility to revert to 1.7, is it possible to cancel my current subscription?


Dear Alex, please be patient you will get used to the new layout and I expect you will enjoy 1.8 and if not you can always decide to stop but for now I suggest to play around and get used to it.


Just be patient, it is worth it.

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I am sorry, but the UI is a big step backwards from 1.7. Or simply: It’s going into the wrong direction. I don’t think that this will be fixed soon. For me, it’s a complete failure.


Hi Alex,

Can you please explain to us what it is that you dislike in the new version?

Maybe add the points rather then just saying you don’t like it.

Maybe the developers can check what you dislike and if this is a common dislike they can change it in the future updates?


Can we stay on topic please? The OP doesn’t have to justify his opinion on the 1.8 release.

@accounts. A simple clarification on roon subscription cancellation policy will suffice.


Have you not read this forum at all? There are literally 2000 posts detailing what users are unhappy about. Take your pick. Some like it. Many don’t.

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If you pay for one year turn of auto renew in your account on roon website. If you have a lifetime membership I dont know what to do, but there should be a way to get money back. Send an e-mail from the help section on roon website

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Great point of view! In other words keep chewing and any â– â– â– â–  will taste like cake!


Yes I’ve seen that. Does not mean that everyone agrees on the same points. Which you can see if you read the posts…

Therefore it’s not a bad question to ask specifically what he doesn’t likes about the update.

I could be a dreamer but I hope that the developers are reading those complaints and taking notes, hopefully to improve this in the next updates.

Just saying you don’t like it without being specific won’t help at all.

Don’t know why you are all responding very negative on this question…

I think a lot of you will have to play Bobby McFerrin - Don’t Worry Be Happy if you manage with the 1.8 update and calm down a bit.

I’m not one of the developers so don’t take it out on me…


I don’t know… I’ve seen figuratively 2000 posts of people shouting they are unhappy. Generally the same users across multiple threads. I’ve no doubt there are some measured and sensible ones among them, but they are getting drowned out in the noise.

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Why? You would have to prove breach of contract. Roon’s T&Cs are fairly comprehensive. In particular:

8.2 You acknowledge that the Roon Software has not been developed to meet your individual requirements and that it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the facilities and functions of the Roon Software as described in the Documentation meet your requirements.

8.3 You acknowledge that the Roon Software may not be free of bugs or errors and you agree that the existence of any minor errors shall not constitute a breach of this License.

I’ve got the opposite problem… I’ve been happy with 1.8 and it motivated me to buy a Nucleus. It comes with a years subscription to roon… so I am now trying to find out how I add a year to my life. :smiley:


Sign in to your account. You can use the link from the client under Settings > General and then click on View account info. If you log in there is one huge red button saying cancel subscription.

Just do it.

All these “dying swan” posts are unbearable.


Hey @Alex_Reusch, Martin’s got it right – you can cancel your subscription from roonlabs.com/account. Also, don’t hesitate to send me a message directly with some more detail on why you chose to cancel, maybe there’s something we can do for ya.

Closing this thread now that the question has been asked and answered, thanks!

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