Unhide Album Not Working

HELP! I am Using a brand new iMac with one TB of storage and 8 gb of memory for my core, I am having trouble finding an album. Well, I found it but its hidden and no amount of clicking “Unhide album” is sufficient to unhide it.

Specifically, I found the album by checking YES in settings on the question whether I wanted to show hidden albums. I found the album and chose EDIT and then UNHIDE ALBUM. Then I changed the setting back to NO on whether I wanted to show hidden albums. The album I had just unhidden did not show up.

Please advise. I just thought of something. I am going to try tricking it by changing the title of the album to A1A and see if it shows up. I am going to leave this post, however, because something is not working right in any event.

ps: I realize there is a post with the title "Unide album not working (SOLVED), but the solution was not included in the post.

by the way, I did just now change the title of the album and it showed up under the new title. then I changed it back and it took. So in a way, my problem is solved. But the problem is only solved for me this one time. Maybe that would work every time someone had this problem but it’s a trick. The problem, whatever it is, remains, or perhaps it is just something I don’t understand as usual.

Hi Stephen,

Is this a duplicate album? ie. are there two copies of this album?

If so, Roon will automatically hide one of the versions. As you found out, you can change Settings to show Hidden Albums and Tracks in order to view both.

Another way to see it would be to view the album, click the Versions tab and you will see the other version under Two Library Versions. To unhide the album, click the 3 dots icon next to the Hidden album and select Remove from Duplicates.

Cheers, Greg

hi Greg, thank you for your reply. In this case the album is not a duplicate. t
This will require some explanation. I do everything manually. Almost every album I have is duplicated because I used to have multiple iPods. 160 gb was not enough for all the music I had, so I had 5 iPods in the day. And since I had so many, over time, they became too many, and I was able to boutique my iPods from time to time by creating a new library for each of them, which resulted in there being permanent duplicates of nearly everything on my hard drive. I will not defend or apologize for that frivolity. At the time it idid not matter so long as I had one library with everything. Well that was then and this is now and I don’t have (yet) one library with everything . So my plan is to go over everything I don’t need and delete it but ROON’s deleting process is so final I have been reluctant to carry out the project. And I have unwittingly lost albums to another quirk in the system where I delete one duplicate and Roon deletes the one I wanted to keep as well. To give you an idea of how big is my duplicate library, Roon says I have 6,000 albums in total but at this juncture, only 2500 that appear on the UI. The rest are hidden by me, manually. In this case, I made a mistake and chose to hide every duplicate except for one that turned out to be incomplete. In an effort to correct that, I ran into this problem. All the steps you told me about are things I have already done and the problem is not in the . duplicating feature (although my personal life would be easier if ROON did not do that); it is with the hide album feature which works very well to hide but not so well to unhide albums that I have manually exiled to hidden status. I am pretty accurate and careful most of the time. This time I messed up and it was for this r reason that I discovered that “UNHIDE ALBUM” doesn’t always work on my machine.

Are you sure?

Because this certainly seems to imply that you’re hitting up against Roon’s duplicate detection:

It might be helpful if you post some screenshots here – of the album browser with “show duplicates” on and off, and of the Versions tab for both albums.

Then we can help understand what’s going on here. Thanks @Stephen_McLeod!