Unicorn? One box w/ Pre-Amp, Streamer, DAC, Amp, Roon Core, XLR Out w/ Room Correction (ideally DIRAC)

Does this product exist? The NAD M33 comes close but no Roon Core or XLR out. HiFi Rose RS150 close but no amplifier, no room correction, not a Roon Core. HiFi Rose RS520 - no room correction, not a Roon Core, no XLR out. Brooklyn Bridge II ROON - no amplifier, no room correction

I don’t think you will find a server-designed Roon Core that also is a preamp, but you may find one that is server/streamer. From my perspective, your wanted configuration has too many competing needs, especially the preamp/server components. I believe you can find a Core/streamer, a NAS/streamer, and a preamp/streamer, but as soon as you add all three, the unicorn won’t appear.

Again from my perspective, I believe it’s best to keep the computing function separate from the audio functions, and optimize each accordingly.

The Devialet Expert Pro line checks all boxes except XLR out, but they have cinch out. Oh, and no Roon core function either, but it’s recommended to separate those boxes anyway.

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I suspect the nearest you’ll get is a 2 box solution eg. NUC/ROCK then a Cambridge Audio EVO 75/150 or a Naim Uniti Atom

I doubt any will combine DIRAC as well , methinks you ask too much.

Also it would seriously paint you into a corner should you wish to improve

For interest I am a mainly headphone listener I have a NUC 10i7/ROCK and Naim Uniti Atom HE

Unicorn indeed

Why would you ever want to combine Core with a DAC or output??! I would (and have) cheerfully pay extra to keep these things as far apart as possible.

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@David_Snyder Agree 100%

I can almost sense someone sticking a D2 and NUC in the same enclosure and checking to see what it sounds like! :wink:

So what you’re looking for is a fanless computer that can run Roon Server, and a sound card for said computer that has balanced outputs. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a sound card with balanced outputs.

There’s this bad boy:

But you need to buy a breakout cable for the D-connector on top. It’ll not work with ROCK or anything non-Windows AFAICS.

I knew someone would find one somewhere! Is that D-connector a standard professional audio thing?

I suspect that it’s a proprietary wired D sub port:

So no.

I’m in favor of eliminating these pieced-together frankensystems we see everywhere, some mish-mosh of separate components from separate manufacturers cabled together, possibly even correctly cabled together. Seems like a road to madness.

I’m close. My core is running on my NAS in the basement, so no extra box there, and my new NAD amp does all the rest (or will, with more efficient speakers).


Bill, are you running the M33?

No, the C 3050 LE.

The M33 looks like it’s even better, but at 3x the cost, not sure the value proposition holds.