Unidentified Album - The April Maze


Roon cannot ID this album

Artist: The April Maze
Album: The April Maze (UK/Europe Release)

It is probably quite obscure but would be good if it was added to the DB…


Is this in the main databases? I mean the Allmusic and such where Roon gets its data.

If it is your only not identified album - be lucky.
I have 50 not identified albums left after trying everything to get them identified.

Whole bands like “Soul Track Mind” are missing. Available in Tidal but not in the Allmusic DB.


Forgive my ignorance, I was not aware where the data was gathered from. This album is not in the All Music DB. Will see if they are approachable…

That’s ok, Most of my New Music comes from small independant artist well beneath the Radar of the Mainstrem.
This is where the best and most exciting music is to be found today IMHO
I scan the covers and add the Metadata for myself.

I have many recordings that we record ourselves from hosting live music. Little Rabbit Barn These albums are unique and rarely commercially available (We have released limited runs with consent) and as such will never make the major databases.
I believe (no hard knowledge) that we will be able to include our own reviews etc in Roon 1.3, something I am looking forward to.
Enjoy the privilidge of being off the Mainstrem…

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