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I listen to classical music. Over half of my albums are unidentified. This means that Rooln does not do its magic, and it is much harder to use.
Why doesn’t Roon scrape the metadata from all new albums on Qobuz, Tidal,… automatically?

Have you tried manually identifying the unidentified albums? A 50% hit-rate with auto-identification sounds about right to me. My experience is that roon is often very cautious with Classical when auto identifying. For example, small discrepancies in track timings or composers in artist rather than composer tags.

I have 3.7% unidentified Classical but only because of a considerable editing effort. Very roughly I would say the remaining unidentified fall into these categories

  • Small specialist labels
  • Vintage Vinyl rips
  • Recent releases
  • Albums I have deliberately unidentified (as I prefer the unidentified to identified roon display)

Yes. Trying to manually identify them almost never works. And most new albums are new. The databases that use track lengths seem to almost always find them.

Can you post an example? Your failure rate seems high.

Are these “true” albums or maybe pseudo albums split from bigger box sets ?

Could be the start of a saga

Like Tony my 5-6000 albums are maybe 1% un-IDed so something is not right.

Roon will ID when the album is real and not obscure. Often releases have odd track timings maybe a few seconds out which stops auto ID

Start by posting examples :sunglasses:

They are real albums, but I rip them, so the track lengths are only approximate. However, when I try manually, there is no match found.

Add imag


I do not have that album but I added it from Qobuz and roon immediately identified it:

If most of your unidentified albums are vinyl rips you have made yourself then you have a long uphill struggle. Roon does not support cue files so you need to rip separate tracks. But then none of the track lengths will match roon’s metadata. But as you can see. If you are prepared to add enough metadata to your vinyl rips you will probably get a match for most of them.

I would start with finding the album on allmusic (because roon uses metadata from the TiVo parent company) and copying what you see there. Immediately I can see that your title and roon’s title are different. In legacy players it was common to put every piece of identifying information into the album title as you have done. You need to split it all out. The composer needs to go into the composer tag, artists need to go into artist and album artist tags. You need to follow a <<“first name”>> <<“last name”>> convention (not last name, first name as in your screen shot). You may have to completely retag all the track titles and composition hierarchy as well. Album catalogue numbers and barcodes from your album sleeves or discogs also really help.

This is obviously going to be a tagging nightmare as the 50% of albums you have identified so far are your low-hanging fruit. You may want to consider an auto-tagger like Songkong as a next step. It will probably help in some cases but it too may struggle with many of your vinyl rips. Both myself and Mike have been through this so sorry to be the conveyer of bad news.

I know that this is a bit like asking for directions and being told, “well, I wouldn’t start from here”. But to be honest if I was starting with roon again I would just get a Qobuz subscription and only bother integrating those parts of my library that Qobuz didn’t cover.

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Indeed. I have about 150 “albums” that are just one random flac file, tagged with artist and album title. Roon didn’t autoidentify them, obviously, but manual identification worked for all except the really obscure ones, for which no metadata exists surely.

(These were albums not available on Qobuz/Tidal, and I was not prepared to rip the vinyl but wanted to have them represented in Roon. The flac was created on some website that lets you put a computer generated audio into the flac. It says “get the vinyl”, in case I forget and try to play them)

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