Unidentified albums...supposed to show disk # grouping? [Fixed In Build 157]

I noticed that sometimes (not always) that my unidentified albums do not show the disk #. I have verified that Roon sees, I have set the preference to file media #, I have rescanned and re-analyzed the album but without luck. I’ve also done a full library rescan. I dont understand why sometimes Roon will recognize the disk # and group the tracks accordingly while other times it will completely ignore it no matter what I do.

Any ideas?

How are your disc numbers stored? What format ?

The disk # is stored in the file tag, either FLAC or mp3.

I just tested a few other albums this morning and Roon does not even recognize the disk # in my tag. I have verified that other programs like JRiver and dbPoweramps correctly identifies the disk #. Anyone else having this issue?

I just verified with the program mp3tag that the disk #s are present. Why can’t Roon read this data?

Can you upload a track to Dropbox (or similar), and then PM a link to @Support?

We’ll take a look and see if we can confirm what’s going on here.

Done…just sent the link. If anyone else wants to check out the file and perhaps let me me know whats going on here is the link as well:


Well, I created a folder called Cafe Blue Note (Disk 2) and put the file inside and I copied it to my Various Artists folder. I get this…

Going into edit and track mode, I see this…

Roon is currently reading it as Disk 2 and Track 1.

Thank you for taking the time to do this test! Then it must be something wrong with my setup because Roon does not seem to reading my tags correctly then. All of my files are on a NAS that is being accessed wirelessly. I wonder if this is the cause? That doenst make sense though because all other tag values are read correctly.

When I go into the same edit mode as you, I see disk # show up as “?”.

I do want to clarify what I did as I missed a step.

Under Various Artists I added “Cafe Blue Note” and then UNDER “Cafe Blue Note” I added the folder “Cafe Blue Note (Disk 2)”

–Various Artists
---------------------Cafe Blue Note
-----------------------------------------Cafe Blue Note (Disk 2)

Not sure if this will make a difference just wanted to be sure I described it thoroughly.

More strangeness. If I select the file in the editor the DISCNUMBER tag shows “2” but Roon shows it as “?” in the list. See images below.

@Rugby, pardon me for jumping into this thread, but I’m curious as to the UI shown for the edit and track mode (grouping_question1.PNG).

How do you get to this screen? If I edit a track, I see a completely different screen, viz.:

This is shown using Roon Remote running on Windows 10, with the a Roon Server Core running on a Windows 10 headless NUC…

@Geoff_Coupe HI Geoff!

The track / grouping editor is under the Track Option Tab, the tab all the way on the left in your pic and is the 2nd option “Fix Track Groupings”.

@Rugby. Er, nope, there’s no such option there…

I’m thoroughly confused…

Hmm. Are you on a PC or a MAC? I think the edit options can be different on different mobile devices.

On a PC…

It’s an option when editing albums, not tracks.

@mike - Aha! light dawns. Thank you!

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Thanks! Learn something new everyday!

OK i tried all sorts of things and nothing worked. In looking at files where the disc # is recognized I noticed that there is a two digit format and there is another field DISCTOTAL. I tried editing the tag DISCNUMBER from 2 to 02 but this didnt work. I added the tag DISCTOTAL but this also didnt work. Roon continues to see the correct disc # in the tag but incorrectly displays it as “?” in the track listing.

What did finally work is putting the files into CD1 and CD2 folders as recommended by @Rugby. The weird thing is my other multi disc cd files are not put into subfolders and yet they are recognized by Roon fine. @Rugby, I am curious if you did not put my file into the CD2 folder if it would work for you.

I must be doing something wrong here.

What I get is a miss identification as a Princess and a Pea CD. I then go into Identify, search for Cafe Blue Note 2012, choose the album and moved the track down to Track 1 of Disk 2 and then hit save. And I’m back with the same info I posted earlier.