Unifi UDM Pro (UDMP) users please note

I had a few issues with my UDM-Pro yesterday… Protect crashed…didnt think much of it - stuck in a startup loop… so waited for an appropriate time (WFH demands internet) and restarted the UDMP

Then I couldn’t get it started up - just failed to load and see the restore pages - so no internet, yeah how to get to the restore page? Sooooo…to cut a long story short my Stats and settings backups had used up all the disk space (12GB) on the controller - and the system was unable to cope or recover.

I did manage to get it up and eventually after some googling around managed to spot this issue that happened to others.

So keep you backups for sure but do ensure you dont have too many.

As an aside I did manage to restore a UDMP settings to a USG3/Cloudkey setup and used this in the time my UDMP was down - kept the wife happy with her WFH needs.


I have the UDM Pro SE so following along. I’ve not actually installed it yet.

Thanks for sharing that, I will check out the one at the office

That doesn’t sound like a very ‘Pro’ way of behaving for kit like that. How do you stop it happening again? Default settings shouldn’t allow this to happen.

Don’t be so ambitious about your backups once things are stable…I was doing 100 files (3 months of once daily) and each file grows a bit over time with smallest was like 80mb and larger ones up to 120mb and this is keeping stats. Have tweaked it weekly up to 15 files now.

UDM Pro SE? Is that from the Beta program? what are the differences from the original model?

I think when the the next non controller version like the USG series comes along I might get that. but they really need to stop taking away features and fix some of the things not there.

Yes it’s in the beta program, it has some really useful upgrades. The website would be the best place to see them but 2.5gb wan and POE are 2 of the standout features.

The first device so needed a few POE ports at least and I believe many were caught out by that (not to embarrassed to say I was), but 10Gb was a godsend as we were constantly throttled before that by the 1Gb links (though 2.5 would still have been enough through the wan to the firewall

Any sign of the ability to turn NAT off on the WAN yet? that was it’s other biggest weakness to me.
You could turn it off but it turned back on at the next reboot.
Other than that it runs our wireless network behind our firewall really well and easy handles the couple of hundred users over about 12 Access points really well.

Let’s not forget the 1gbps max switching capacity throughput :slight_smile: *on the 8 ethernet ports

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