Unified accounts issue, 2 accounts

I logged in with my Roon membership account and then reset my old community account password and logged in again with my old community account. Is this defeating your intention? Is it possible to merge my post history and account info together or are you expecting all existing users to carry on with their old account?


@gmt: I don’t understand.

Can you PM with what you did? Tell me all your information, including:

  • what accounts you had before, what emails you were using for them?
  • what actions are you took, and which emails you did them with and at which site you did what
  • what accounts you think you have now, and what emails you are using and are able to access them via?

I think i see your issue. You have 2 Roon accounts now, one with each of your emails. The post that went out via email last week and was posted here on the community site explained that if you wanted to avoid this, you’d need to set the email on both accounts to be the same BEFORE the migration. If you had done that then, everything would have been merged.

Now, you just have 2 accounts. One with a membership, one without. It’s fine, it just hurts our ability to do support. If you’d like, I think I can merge them, but you need to pick 1 email address to use.

Thanks Danny - I have PM’d you the details:

When I looked at the announcement on the top of each page I assumed that I was:

Case 3: If you have an existing Roon membership account and a community account using a different email address

You can now log into the community site using your Roon membership account email and password. You will also get a second Roon membership account created with the email on your community site account (but with no active membership licenses). To login to this “second account”, see Case 4 below.