Uninstall or disable Roon Bridge on Lubuntu

Can someone point me to the configuration file that starts Roon Bridge in Linux? I have it running on my Kodi HTPC (verified by the fact that Roon finds it when the PC is running), I have Kodi set up more or less the way I like it now, except for the small issue that there is no sound (either over HDMI or analog or digital outs from the sound card). I suspect Roon is taking over the sound exclusively. Even if my suspicion is wrong, I’m done experimenting with Roon running as a background process on the HTPC. My current plan is to continue using the Raspberry Pi/Hi Fi Berry Digi feeding the Benchmark DAC for my main rig, until I get my hands on a Roon ready Oppo player. But I don’t want to begin from scratch installing Kodi on the other machine unless I have to.

You can stop Roon Bridge from running by issuing

systemctl stop roonbridge.service

To disable it permanently:

systemctl disable roonbridge.service

Thanks, that did it. No minimalist text editors needed (hate VI and am annoyed by people who think they are stud hombre cybermuffins because they use VI). Not sure now it had anything to do with lack of audio in Kodi but I got it working and Roon is no longer needed on that machine.

Good. :slight_smile:

If you want to get rid of everything, you can delete /opt/RoonBridge, /var/roon and /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/roonbridge.service

I’m fond of minimalist text editors in general – but for editing config files, nano will do just fine.