Uniti Nova doesn't see roon core and vice-versa

Core Machine is a headless mac Mini running Caalina 10.15.1 connected to the network via ethernet.
Roon core is 1.7.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Ethernet network. Uniti Nova is connected to Ethernet and can stream Tidal with no issues. The switch is a Netgear switch.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Uniti Nova

Description Of Issue
I can’t see the Nova (firmware 3.3.0) from the roon core nor can I see the roon server from my Nova.

Hi @Cemil

Are you controlling the Nova from the Naim app?
Where are you controlling Roon from?
Can you ‘see’ either Core or Nova from another device?

Try turning off any firewalls or anti-virus and see if the Nova appears. If so then you need to add exceptions for Roon RoonServer and RAAT to the firewall/anti-virus.

Also, confirm that the two are in the same subnet, ie. the first 3 sections of their IP address are identical. Like 192.168.1.XXXX where XXXX is the only difference between the two.

Thank you for your replies.

I’ve moved forward a bit but not yet resolved. I did have the core on a different subnet, so fixed that. I also had the ‘connection from remotes’ to off, so switched that on. The firewalls are off. There is no anti-virus running.

I can run Roon on any remote, and play music from the core on them (MacBook Air, iPad etc…) without any issues. Only the Naim refuses to see the Core and vice-versa. They are both connected to the same hub (a Livebox unit).

I am controlling the Nova from the Naim app (which, to be honest, needs to be improved but that’s another story) or from its remote control. I do not see any Roon icon in the Naim app, though I assume this is the server icon ? Clicking doesn’t return anything. The Naim is definitely on the network as I can play Tidal or internet radio on it.

I am controlling the Core (Mac Mini) via either a MacBook Air or an iPad. I can also remote the control the mini from the laptop using Screen Sharing.

Any ideas?

You won’t see the roon from the naim but the nova should see the Nova.

It doesn’t. From the Core screen

That’s why I am stumped. The Nova is on the network. I can stream radio, control it via the Naim app from my iPad etc…

The Core is on the same network. I can control it via the same iPad or laptop, play music from Roon.

However, the Core doesn’t see the Nova or vice versa. Is there any way to reboot the Nova? Maybe that would work ?

Is that the right IP address for your subnet 10.0.0.xx?

I had so many issues with Nova, I brought it back to the shop.
Now when I hear, “don’t buy software to hardware companies”, I know what it means

That’s the address of the wifi connection to my laptop. The Nova is on 192.168.1.xxxx and the Mini on which the core is running is on 192.168.1.yyyy

I opened the iPad and I get the following:

Can you get the control points on the same subnet as the Core and the Nova?

Hi @Cemil,

Can you try rebooting the router, Naim, and Core machine all at once. Is there any change after everything is rebooted?

How do I do that?

All rebooted, no change

I was hoping you knew that… all my devices are on 192.168.0.xxx and my Naim streamer appears as a Roon Ready device in Roon; because your iPad and MacBook are on 10.0.0.yyy rather than 192.168.1.xxx I suspect you have a more complex network configuration than me. Can you tell us more about your network setup? It’s probably beyond me, but others here are more network-savvy and may spot something.

Ok a step forward.

If I connect the Nova via wifi, the Core sees it.

So there’s something happening with the network that is not allowing a connection between the 2.

I have/had both the Core Mac Mini and the Nova connected via Ethernet to the Livebox unit that is also connected to the internet.

Any suggestions ?

Btw, this is not practical as the wifi connection keeps dropping.

Your networking seems a bit off. Do you have more than one router?

Sounds like your network is not setup correctly and your running two different networks.

How are you connecting your switch and Nova to the router? What model is the switch

Do you have DHCP on your router? Is the Nova set to DHCP in its network settings.

From the wall, the internet is connected to a Livebox unit (from my service provider) which combines internet, cable TV and phone. That box also has a wifi network - which I am not using as the signal is weak.

However, from that Livebox unit, I have an ethernet cable connecting the Nova and another one connecting the Mini with Core. There is also a Netgear wifi switch connected to it, to which i am connecting the wifi devices (laptop, iPad, iphones). My guess is that is the 10. network.

The Nova is set to DCHP. IP address is