Unix transcoding to PCM not passing DSD

I’m having issues with Roon transcoding DSD files to PCM.

I’ve got a Mac mini, Linux Pi and a NUC running win 10 , all configured as End points using ROON Bridge into a USB TEAC DAC. I have ROON proper on another NUC. Trouble is while the NUC will send DSD to the DAC, both the mini and pi seem to be transcoding it to pcm.

The only difference is that the win 10 NUC has a win 10 Teac driver , it’s not necessary with the unix boxes. All three show within the ROON Core as being capable of accepting DSD natively, all three correctly identify which DSD formats are acceptable. Otherwise all three End points are configured the same within ROON

Any ideas ?

Please ignore this. I found the solution. RTFM all that :slight_smile: