Unknown 54-40 albums

I have a couple 54-40 albums that can’t be matched. For some reason they show under a different artist 54*40 instead of 54-40.

Folder, album artist and artist tags are all: 54-40

Doesn’t make much sense unless you have some issue handling the - in the name when an album isn’t matched. All the matched albums have the correct artist name.


I’m wondering if the one album Radio Love Songs: The Singles Collection having the wrong artist name might have caused the problem. I think it might have matched it once and I removed it trying to get the album go under the artist 54-40 instead of 54*40.

Hey Doc. This seems to be almost exactly the same issue I’m having with Howlin’ Wolf (see my post today). In that case, I think it’s the apostrophe that causing the problem. With 54-50, I think it’s the *.


I was able to get the 54-40 artists into one by changing the artist name but after the last update I see they are seperate again both with the name 54-40 and I can’t seem to make them one anymore.