Unknown authentication and decoder when playing back MQA [Solved, iPad app update]

Guys, any ideas what does this mean?

I think its because the iPad app hasn’t been updated. It should update soon. A PC or Mac based remote ought to look different.

Also, isn’t that a wonderful recording of the 25th ?

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iPad update was out right when I saw Mike’s release post.

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And it (the update) will take you from the unknown to the known. Enjoy!

The update came up on my Mac and I clicked “Update All” but it didn’t update. Still shows 1.4. My iPad hasn’t shown an update yet. Does this update come out in phases?

We can’t update iOS apps, unfortunately you have to do that yourself from the App Store.

I should have stated that the update was not yet available in the App Store for me. It will come through. The Mac app Update All popped up again and this time it updated to 1.5. Thanks

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