Unofficial 5" Screen



I made a box for my Pcm 1704 nos dac and my ropieee board player.
Since the official 7 inch screen is big for this box, I want to use another 5 "screen.
Unfortunately when I connect this screen ropieee does not see.
Is there any solution? Or do we just have to use the offical screen?

Screen information I have;
Waveshare 5inch Hdmi Lcd (B) V2
External power supply option
Resistive Touch Screen

(Mr Fix It ) #2

Only the official 7" screen is supported…seems maybe someone else asked this in the last few days too

Oh that was you


Yes it is me :slight_smile:

When I research, I didn’t find anything about it.

I opened this topic that maybe there is another person who has experienced this subject.

(Harry ten Berge) #4

It’s simple: only the official screen is supported. There are no plans to support other screens.



Simple for users too, will not use ropieee as endpoint.

(Nathan Wilkes) #6

Maybe start here: Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0? I did a search for “kiosk”.