Unrecognised files in Roon


so I’m a bit new to Roon, I want to replace a bunch of Sonos gear so I can upgrade my main HiFi and keep the streaming and storage aspects.

So - I’m running Roon 1.6 on a Qnap TS451+ with 8GB Ram and an SSD (and a couple 3TB disks). My Music collection consists of a bunch of FLAC files, a Bunch of MP3’s and about 200 Audiobooks - all runs fine apart from…

I have a bunch of audiobook MP3’s that I’d like to be able to navigate (someone suggested setting up tags to organise them and I’m cool with that) - but Roon has decided that some of them are Corrupt MP3’s and so they don’t appear ready to be tagged or anything. They are not Corrupt - Sonos plays them fine and I can access them and play them through a laptop (or MacBook) and they all work. The only thing I can see is they are a little on the large size for an MP3 (some are 40Hr Audiobooks and the biggest at a quick glance is 1.37GB). I don’t really want to have them stored as chapters - but any suggestions on what to do or what is up with Roon ?



They could be corrupt to Roon’s eyes and yet playable in Sonos. The corruption could just be one or two audible clicks that you wouldn’t care about. I would suggest you use a tool like Foobar or DBPowerAmp to resample and resave the files and try again to import into Roon.

+1 - this approach is worth a try. I used this method to fix all the files in my collection that Roon had labeled as corrupt. To bad it doesn’t work on public officials.

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