Unstable keeps disconnecting from Qnap TS-251A based core [Answered]

Windows 10 core I7 4GHZ desktop
Library and core on Qnap TS 251A v4.3.3.0262 4T raid
Core stored on thumb drive in Qnap, labeled “RoonServer”
Roon v1.3Bb59 Stable64bit, 12,500 tracks stored

Remotes take a while to connect then start playing 10sec then disconnect sometimes reconnecting and sometimes hanging.
Switch albums sometimes disconnect.
I suspect config or file structure issue, I am new to a network so go slow. Thanks

@anon8813317 I would guess that perhaps your thumb drive is not really performing like a USB3-SSD drive. But as you have-not specified that part of the hardware I could be wrong. That said a 1.6Ghz celeron CPU in the QNAP might struggle at best too for core duties.

@crieke Maybe Chris will give some insight too.

Have you tried with the core installed on the desktop accessing the music on the QNAP?

100% agreed with @wizardofoz. Your NAS is well below our minimum requirements in multiple dimensions. This feels like more of a performance problem than anything else:

  • A Thumb drive is a far cry from a real SSD
  • A Celeron is not an i3 or better
  • 2GB of RAM is not 4GB of RAM

You’d be much better off running the core on the desktop machine. A 4GHz i7 should be great. There are NAS’s that meet those requirements–yours is just not one of them.

I can only speculate. The specs as @wizardofoz and @brian already mentioned could be the cause.
Try to store the database on the internal volume (or on an ssd if at hand). Thumb drives are quite often even slower as regular harddrives.
Also take a look at the Ressource Monitor of your qnap. Especially when a disconnect happens. Do you notice that CPU/Ram is at its limit then?

Makes perfect sense. I had better reliability when core was stored on the nas hdd (8GB ram). I will put the core on my desktop until I upgrade the nas. Thanks again