Unstable on sonictransporter i5

I love the new features of Roon 1.3, but …

… it has become very unstable: control app on an iPad pro or W10 laptop (on Ethernet) crashes all the time. With 1.2 crashes happened, but rather infrequently.

Running core on sonictransporter i5. Rebooting ST and Roon does not help.

Any advice?

Thank you.


Hey @maxim – we’re looking into a few Linux-specific issues, and also a few issues that seem specialized to Sonic Transporter.

Keep an eye out for updates, and maybe check in with Andrew as well:


Hi mike,

thanks …

is there any way I can go back to 1.2 until this is fixed?



I installed Build 200 but frankly see no difference.

Are the Linux issues and ST issues awaiting a further release?



Hey @maxim – are you still having issues here? Have you spoken with Small Green Computer?

cc @agillis


I see no improvement at all with build 200. Roon is completely unstable.

Andrew said he can’t help with a Roon issue.

Frankly, I am getting desperate. Any advice would be much appreciated.