Unused former audio zones, again

I want to repost a request for me, and others, to remove unused audio zones. I now have more former, now unused, audio zones than I have zones that are in use.

It is just clutter that should be removable with a simple click. Now we have “Enable” and “Disable”. I expect it would be no challenge to add “Delete” to that list. Please?

Please? It should be truly easy to implement the “Delete” button.

Are you trying to delete zones from the Audio tab in Roon Settings? If you do, what happens when you change your mind? How can you undelete a zone that you can’t see?

It seems like this feature will create way more problems than it solves.

Disabled zones do not show up in the selection list that you use for playback control. If you really don’t want to see a device anywhere in Roon, power it off or remove it from the network you use for Roon.


I have zones where the hardware has been upgraded or replaced. The no longer needed or used hardware makes the audio zone inoperable. Roon core shows me disabled zones as well as the new zone. I would like to clean up the page, removing redundant zones. I see no reason that might cause a problem for me in the future. I am willing to change my opinion if you can see my mistake. Thanks.


+1 for that feature.

Why? Stop going to that page. There’s no reason to look at except when you buy a new output device. Surely, that’s not every day.

If the device is gone (powered off or offline) you won’t see it in the zones list or on the Audio tab in Settings. That’s been my experience, anyway.

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