Unusual DSP Conundrum [Answered]


IsoTech Power Conditioning

Naim NAC-N 272

Naim NAP 250DR

[LP using Linn Sondek and high end peripherals. Revox reel to reel. Nakamichi cassette]


Naim DAC-V1 connected to ‘Armchair’ PC using Audiophilleo

Naim Muso QB 2nd Generation

Roon Bridge to NAC-N 272 via NUC i5 and Arcam irDAC (digital connection)

Direct from ‘Armchair’ PC to NAC-N 272 via TOSLINK

Roon on 3 PCs, 1 laptop, iPhone and iPad Pro.

Core on QNAP TS251+ with external SSD.

Fully wired network to all points using Netgear NightHawk router and various switches. UPS in key points.

In this particular configuration, I find that I cannot remove the Parametric EQ. I have tried adding and removing the filter in the DSP setup but nothing I do seems to remove it. If I turn off filters altogether, it obviously removes all of them but as soon as I enable them again, back comes Parametric EQ even though it is not enabled.

Any ideas?

Tim Green

Parametic is also available as a stage inside procedural EQ as well as its own filter which where it must be active in this situation as it’s jus the 5 band version. Click on procedural EQ and you should see parametic active in that section, procedural allows you to have a succession of different filters in a chain, remove it from that. You should be able to clear all DSP settings though and clear the lot. It should only return if you saved a DSP preset and it’s active on the endpoint which it appears not to be here.

Thank you Simon. I see exactly what you mean. The fact that it is active within the Procedural EQ means that it is active in its own right. It is then shown as a separate entry in the list of active filters. Question answered. Good man!

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Glad it helped. Enjoy your morning.