Unwanted Albums Reappear in Roon Library (ref#T2A3QK)

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My issue is with removing Albums from my library.

I accidentally added the complete Miles Davis Discography on Qobuz to my Roon Library. Qobuz itself does not provide practical ways of cleaning up the Favourites.
So with the help of the "Soundiiz" app i managed to remove all the unwanted Albums from my Qobuz Favourites and afterwards i could easily clean up the Roon Library.

But after some time, all these unwanted Albums suddenly appear again in my Roon Library. It seems to happen randomly, at least not with a pattern that i could recognize.
They are not being added to Qobuz again though. So the Issue seems to be only within the Roon Library.

Describe your network setup

I'm running a Network with a central Fibre optical Switch. My Router is a TP-Link TL-R605. My Music Server is connected via a Cisco Meraki MS220

Hi @Prem_Shivani,

Thank you for your post. Just to confirm - have you ever tried the “Remove from Library” function directly within Roon these albums from the Artist or Albums browser?

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Yes. I removed in Roon and via Qobuz. It is not coming back to the qobuz library itself, like even if it gets added in Roon again, its not showing in the qobuz app.

Try forcing a sync with your Qobuz account.to do this got to Roon settings (the cog wheel) → services. Then click the edit button next to Qobuz. In the pop up click “Sync library now”

Ok. I’ll try and observe.