Unwanted Genres

Is there no way anymore to turn off the genres that I’m not interested in? I used to enjoy browsing by my preferred genres, but now the display is quite annoying. I have no interest in Rap, or Easy Listening, just as examples. There must be a way to be more selective about genres. I’ve read the statements that Roon is now providing us with the opportunity to explore new musical genres, but let us make our own adult decisions about what genres interest us and unclutter the screen. Is “Valence” providing these choices based on my library? If so, it needs some work if it thinks I have any interest in Religious music because I have one gospel album in my 2000+ collection.

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If that album is identified in Roon and comes with broad metadata coverage, that album alone may add ~25 (main release of single artist) up to ~100 (sampler/VA album) persons associated with the Gospel genre. If a significant amount of them also appear on other albums in your library then there you have it. Genres are no longer based an album genres alone, I think.

So you already know.

I asked the same to Roon some days ago. It seems they are not willing to change that.

yep this is a serious pain in the butt. Several threads / bug reports on it already. It renders the “Genre” Screen completely useless.

Yes, unfortunately this function is completely useless with a “local library”.
And unfortunately, the roon statement shows again how much you are not interested in what customers want.
I’m significantly older than the COO and I really don’t need to hear from him what I should hear or what I have missed. (Especially since these genres do not even exist in my collection.)
I feel like a little boy, not a roon customer who is taken seriously.