Unwanted TIDAL albums appearing

My problem returned and I had to re-boot again. Apparently something deeper is going on, Also, albums are being added and seen in the Overview without me asking for them. Also, new albums added have no artwork and have to be manually re-identified.


Still happening and it is becoming very irritating…I did not ask for these!
see attached…

I would change your Tidal password and contact Tidal.

These don’t appear in my collection in Tidal

Perhaps a reply from Roon?

Hi @Ron_Sanders,

Roon will not add TIDAL albums to your library on its own. Your TIDAL favorites will automatically sync to your Roon library, so anything that appears here from TIDAL will also exist in your TIDAL favorites.

We’ve seen this issue pop up in the past and changing your TIDAL password will likely be the solution here. Typically unwanted content being added means that your TIDAL account is compromised and being used by someone else.

I’ll try it…

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